Which is the Best Silver Jewelry Wholesaler for My Business?

Which is the Best Silver Jewelry Wholesaler for My Business?

Which is the Best Silver Jewelry Wholesaler for My Business?

Which is the Best Silver Jewelry Wholesaler for My Business?

Quality is what sets jewelry brands apart. Every brand wants to find the best wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier who meets their specific budget and design needs. Whether you’re on day one of your business or looking to expand, a sterling silver earring supplier is a business partner who can help you take the next steps forward.

Finding the best wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier is one of the most important steps in launching your business. There’s lots to consider, from minimum order quantities to design options and customer service support. Silver jewelry is one of the biggest trends in the industry right now, becoming the go-to choice for customers at every price point.

Whether you’re searching for wholesale silver earrings or made-to-order pieces, this guide covers everything you need to know. Explore the latest silver cartilage earring trends, cubic zirconia jewelry, and learn how sterling silver jewelry is mass-produced in Thailand.

What to Consider When Choosing a Silver Jewelry Wholesaler:

The needs of every jewelry brand are different. Whether you sell in-store or sell on a marketplace like Amazon, there are four things to consider when deciding between wholesale jewelry suppliers:

  • Cost: What budget do you have to spend for each piece?
  • Order quantity: How much stock do you need initially? What is your average order quantity likely to be?
  • Brand style: Who is your target customer? What jewelry style is your brand specializing in?
  • Customer service: What extra support does the jewelry wholesaler offer? How can you get in touch?

Determining these factors early in your search will help you find the best wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier for your needs. Silver jewelry is trending as the rise of minimalistic jewelry continues, with customers searching for subtle pieces suitable for everyday wear.

The versatility of silver jewelry makes it a must-have for every jewelry brand, whether you’re searching for jewelry for kids or wholesale sterling silver rings. Identifying your target customer and setting your budget per piece will help narrow your search for wholesale 925 jewelry.

Are you taking the first steps in launching your jewelry brand? Check out our beginner’s guide to selling silver jewelry online.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Supplier

After determining the specific needs of your jewelry brand, it’s time to start comparing wholesale jewelry suppliers. Whether you’re shopping for wholesale sterling silver toe rings or made-to-order pieces, you need a wholesaler who can become a strong business partner. Here are three things to look for when searching for the best wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier:

Wholesale Jewelry Quality

Finding your wholesale 925 jewelry supplier starts with a focus on quality. Your business needs a supplier who can deliver high-quality jewelry that can withstand daily wear to ensure customer satisfaction. Product durability and craftsmanship help reduce order returns to maximize profits and grow your jewelry business.

At 925 Silver Jewelry, we specialize in high-quality, affordable jewelry made with pure 925 sterling silver, using premium raw materials that are allergy safe. Our products are regularly tested to ensure their quality, meeting international, EU, and US regulations.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is one of the most overlooked factors when choosing a jewelry wholesaler. Social media is a driving factor behind jewelry trends, with brands needing to capitalize on micro trends. Brands should search for a wholesale supplier with a faster turnaround, enabling your company to quickly jump on trends.

At 925 Silver Jewelry, all orders are dispatched within 48 hours of payment and shipped with FedEx or DHL. Most orders arrive within 3 to 7 days with a tracking number sent within 1 working day, allowing you to track your order throughout its journey. Use our shipping estimate tool to help plan your wholesale jewelry order.

Reputation and Online Reviews

Most jewelry brands will place a sample order with a wholesaler to test their quality. Whether you’re looking for a wholesale silver charm bracelet supplier or silver stud earrings, do your research on the wholesaler’s reputation within the industry.

925 Silver Jewelry is part of Phoenix Manufacturing, one of Thailand’s most successful silver jewelry manufacturers. We offer a 100% money-back, 7-days risk-free guarantee for extra peace of mind. Our company has an excellent rating on Trustpilot and provides affordable jewelry to thousands of brands internationally.

What Wholesale 925 Jewelry Products Can I Buy?

At 925 Silver Jewelry, we offer an extensive range of wholesale 925 jewelry to launch or grow your business. Our low minimum order rate of $199 makes high-quality sterling silver jewelry accessible to brands of every size. Our wholesale 925 jewelry orders ship within just two days with free worldwide shipping on orders over $399.

925 Silver Jewelry is the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality jewelry in Thailand. We work with small and independent jewelry businesses internationally, from brick-and-mortar stores to online brands. Choose from over 15,000 designs, including wholesale sterling silver rings, silver bracelets, and silver body jewelry.

As Thailand’s leading 925 jewelry wholesale, we offer made-to-order jewelry to bring your custom designs to life. Customize every part of your jewelry design, from the size to metal plating and finishing. Our custom packing service streamlines your operations, allowing you to receive your wholesale 925 jewelry pre-packaged and ready to ship or sell directly to your customers.

Why Choose 925 Silver Jewelry as Your Wholesale 925 Jewelry Manufacturer

Why Choose 925 Silver Jewelry as Your Wholesale 925 Jewelry Manufacturer

925 Silver Jewelry works with small and independent jewelry brands across the world from our Thailand warehouse. As an international supplier, we offer over 15,000 designs for you to choose from.

Our minimum order value of $199 is one of the most competitive offerings for new jewelry brands launching their first collections. Whatever your budget, our minimum order quantity empowers you to take your jewelry business to the next level. Our volume discounts make it more affordable to invest in high-quality sterling silver jewelry to grow your business.

As the leading sterling silver earring supplier, we work with businesses internationally to help them grow their customer base with trending products alongside timeless classics. Our hypoallergenic jewelry is easy to care for and delivers a luxury experience for your customers at every price point.

Take the next step in your business by working with the best wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier. Contact our team for more information about our wholesale 925 jewelry and to start your first wholesale jewelry order.

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