What is a production order?

A production order is placing an order directly with our sales team to have your jewelry freshly produced in our factory, rather than placing an order for items in stock through our website. There are many reasons why you may want to place a production order rather than a stock order and we will go through all of them with you below.



With production orders you can take advantage of the cheapest possible prices, even cheaper than our website prices with the highest discount applied.


You aren’t just limited to the products we have in stock. You can choose from our whole catalogue of items.

Full Control

You will never have to worry about your favorite items going out of stock ever again. Production orders grant you the freedom to fully control your inventory needs.


Exclusively for production orders we offer a custom packing service where can either send us your own packaging or send us a picture and the details of what you want and we will source it here in Bangkok. Once your order is ready from production we will pack your jewelry directly on your packing and ship it out to you ready to be sold on.


Order Conditions

  • Minimum Order: $1,500
  • Minimum Quantity: 50 units per design/color/size
  • Production Time: 6 weeks
  • 35% Deposit of the total order amount
  • Payment via T-T Bank Transfer
  • Chargeable Shipping with UPS or DHL

How to Order

Simply take note of the product codes and quantity you wish to order and email them to us. One of our sales staff will then get back to you with a proforma invoice within 48 hours.