What are the different types of 925 Sterling Silver Earrings?

What Are The Kinds Of 925 Sterling Silver Earrings You Can Buy For Your Business? Have you ever had trouble choosing what to sell when it comes to earrings? I mean, there are so many options and it can be a bit confusing to sell the right pair to the right customer. Discover what makes [...]

Tips To Keep Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Looking Great

Tips To Keep Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Looking Great 925 sterling silver jewelry can be some of the most appealing and eye-catching jewelry available. However, it does require some maintenance and care to remain as stunning as brand new. Several methods can avoid scratching, tarnishing & discoloration while cleaning sterling silver jewelry. One main […]

Why Silver Jewelry Is Better Than Gold

If you wear gold jewelry or have ever worn gold jewelry, then you already know that it can wreak havoc on some people’s skin. This is because gold is a soft metal and can be alloyed with other metals that people may be allergic to—like copper, for example…

How To Start Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry For Kids

Children’s Jewelry is a rather untapped market and there are ample opportunities for you to grow and prosper if you have your plans in place. And, if sterling silver is the focus of the collection you wish to launch, consider your road map to a triumphant market presence, half achieved…