Beginner's Guide To Selling Silver Jewelry Online In 2022

Beginner’s Guide To Selling Silver Jewelry Online In 2022

Beginner’s Guide To Selling Silver Jewelry Online In 2022

Beginner’s Guide To Selling Silver Jewelry Online In 2022

Selling jewelry online can feel challenging and draining for many existing jewelry shop owners and many of those who want to break into the world of the silver jewelry business.

Defining a clear and realistic plan with both long-term and short-term goals is the essence of any successful business. However, it’s highly advised to maintain a checklist where they can be crossed out as they are achieved. The journey of preparation for launching an online jewelry business can be broken down into 6 easy steps.

Step1: Establish your brand

The first step involved in selling jewelry online is creating a brand by which the jewelry you sell could be recognized by your customers. This is a crucial step, but can be fun at the same time, but only if you have established what your profit potential is and what the ideal target audience for your business is.

Keep in mind; that it is a best practice that your domain name, business email, and most importantly; your brand name has to resonate with the nature of your business (i.e., silver jewelry wholesale or retail). Although your business’s branding is important and should be taken seriously, it is possible to rebrand in the future. Ultimately, the perfect brand choice for your online jewelry business can kickstart your business and give you the best chance of being successful in the jewelry business industry.

Step 2: Find a silver jewelry wholesaler, a supplier, or a manufacturer according to the nature of your business

After deciding on your online silver jewelry business brand, the next step is to find the right silver jewelry wholesaler, supplier, or manufacturer who understands the needs of you and your business. Choosing a wholesaler for your business is a vital decision. If done correctly, it can ensure that all the products you sell are made from (in this case) the highest quality 92.5% sterling silver and is highly consistent. Furthermore, it would contribute to building brand loyalty with very little to no effort. Alternatively, a poor choice in wholesalers can easily turn into a nightmare, when the silver starts tarnishing or causing allergic reactions on your customer’s skin, which could lead to serious repercussions and hence, damaging your brand reputation permanently. When choosing a wholesaler, supplier, or manufacturer, it is often advised to inquire about the quality of the goods being supplied, any unique production methods being used, or anything that will set one manufacturer apart from another. Furthermore, it is essential for a manufacturer, wholesaler, or supplier to be carefully vetted as their quality and designs would define your business.

Beginner’s Guide To Selling Silver Jewelry Online In 2022For example, if a supplier had been involved in any unethical or environmentally damaging practices, working with them may link your business with this behavior and therefore damage your reputation. Alternatively, suppose a wholesaler is involved in beneficial charity or environmental protection activities, and working with them may boost your business reputation and lead to an increase in sales and profitability.

Having a strategic supplier such as ‘‘ could prove to be a very powerful asset, as they will provide you with a competitive edge over the market leaders in terms of highly trending OEM design, deliverability, and after-sales services.  especially when you are just entering the silver jewelry industry. Click to know how….

Step 3: Choose the right e-commerce platform

After choosing a brand and a wholesaler, manufacturer, or supplier, the next step in creating a successful online jewelry business is to select an e-commerce platform. This essentially refers to how customers and the public can interact with your business. Your e-commerce platform can be anything from a simple static website, an e-commerce-specific CMS, a Facebook page, several social media pages, or all the above. It is essential that your chosen platform reflects your business’s ideas and messages and showcase the products you are selling effectively. Your e-commerce platform selected is also influential in the segment of customers you are targeting online. For example, when targeting an older group of customers, a straightforward website may be effective or a Facebook page to advertise your silver jewelry. Alternatively, a social media site such as Instagram or TikTok will generally be more effective if you want to target a younger market segment. This is not only because of the immense power these sites have in terms of sharing images, videos, and advertisements around the world in a matter of seconds but also because the younger generation use majority of these sites.

Step 4: Create your jewelry collection

Following this, your next step is to create your jewelry collection and prepare to sell them to your target customers. This is the area in which it is important to create something unique to attract many customers. Certain generic items of jewelry will be required to generate sales. However, the more unique items you create and sell to customers, the more your reputation will grow and attract more customers. Effectively, your jewelry collection should be made up of high-quality, durable, and reliable products.

Step 5: Take amazing pictures of your jewelry products

After creating your jewelry collection, your next step is to advertise your products online. The most effective way to do this is to take high-quality pictures of the items of jewelry you are selling and post them on the business’s website and social media accounts. The images you take of your jewelry must reflect your products positively and effectively to attract customers to purchase your products. If your silver jewelry is of high quality, it will not be challenging to take excellent pictures. However, some methods can be used to enhance the appearance of your products. For example, adequate lighting can truly make a good product look great. A neat and clean background can also be incredibly appealing to many customers. It draws their attention to the piece of jewelry in the picture rather than distracting them with whatever is in the photo’s background.

That being said, wholesalers like provide you with high-resolution professional pictures, barcodes, and many other essential value-added services you can take advantage of when buying products from them.

Step 6: Advertising

At this stage, you might realize that the backbone of every online business and the success of your online business highly depend on the white hat marketing techniques you adopt for your website.

Here are some topics you can research and implement on your website:

These activities are the 4 most important pillars that help you find the right audience for your silver jewelry.

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