How To Start Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry For Kids

How To Start Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry For Kids

Children’s Jewelry is a rather untapped market and there are ample opportunities for you to grow and prosper if you have your plans in place. And, if sterling silver is the focus of the collection you wish to launch, consider your road map to a triumphant market presence, half achieved.

Why Sterling Silver?

Kid’s jewelry being a matter of considerable debate, parents need 100% assurance that the bling will not harm their little ones in any way. Sterling Silver, in this respect, lives up to safety expectations given that the alloy is usually hypoallergenic.

The composition of Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver (Ag, Argentum) and 7.5% Copper or other alloys. While creating your collection, it’s the 7.5% that will matter the most. The idea is to choose alloys that are 100% non-reactive with skin and are compliant with toxicity regulations of the countries you wish to sell in.

Besides hypoallergenic properties, here’s a list of other reasons that make Sterling Jewelry for kids a rational choice for parents…

  • Sterling Silver jewelry, in general, is sturdy and can often last a lifetime
  • They are very easy to maintain

Did You Know… Wearing sterling silver jewelry regularly can prevent tarnishing because natural oils from the skin have a cleaning effect on the metal.

  • They look opulent yet remarkably affordable
  • Sterling silver trinkets often come with resale value… So, if you are wondering what happens when your children outgrow the trinkets? You can sell them back to the store or store them for keepsake!

Did you know… Silver (Argentum, Ag) has anti-bacterial properties. Bacteria cannot develop resistance to silver as it can to antibiotics.


It All Starts With A Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish Antoine De Saint, Exupéry

Sterling silver may be one of the easiest metals to work with, but you still need a plan to create a worthy market presence. So, bring out your notepad and jot down your course of action. Here is a brief outline of the matters you need to consider…

  • Types of kid’s jewelry you wish to launch
  • Target customers
  • Target nations you wish to reach out to
  • Wholesale manufacturers to support your designs and business goals
  • Online presence including… creating an official website, planning presence in affiliate platforms/e-commerce marketplaces, and Social media endeavors
  • Branding and marketing
  • And most importantly, funding.

Start Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry for Kids in 8 Steps

  • Trend Alert!

Trend compatible collections tend to sell out faster. Therefore, knowing what to start with can be an instant pick-me-up for your business. At the moment, Stud earrings, Huggie hoops, Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, Anklets, and even brooches for that matter, fall among the best-selling categories for children.

Charm jewelry, birthstone trinkets, name jewelry, and photo engraved collections can further broaden your scope to include a diversity of buyers that look for customization.

Did You Know… the demand for silver anklets grew by 108% compared to last year?

  • Ideas Run the World… And Your Business Too

This is the part where you create your products. The uniqueness of your designs can help you sail through competitive uncertainties. While sketch pads and HBs are the easiest means to shape your ideas, Jewelry designing apps like SketchUp, MatrixGold, Adobe Illustrator, Jewelry CAD Dream, etc. can give you the professional edge you need.

Never be too shy to take a peek at your competitors’ catalogs. See what they are selling and how your collection can be distinctively different.

  • Websites Boost Brand Presence

Did you know… it takes about 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your website? So, you have about 0.5 seconds to convince parents that your endeavor is worth their trust and investment.

Therefore, while creating a website for your sterling silver jewelry brand for kids, remember these bite-sized pointers to get things right at the very first go…

  • Make sure your design is classy and professional with a focus on Sterling Silver
  • Your text content should be crisp, grammatically accurate, and informative
  • Visual content should be rich and convincing
  • Product images should be clear and shot from all angles
  • Mobile integration is a must
  • Keep your loading time within 1 to 2 seconds at the most

Did you know… 53% of mobile website visitors abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load.

  • Get Your Company Registered

Now that you have a plan, you know the trends, you have your designs handy and a website, it is time to get your company registered. Registrations and certifications make your endeavor ‘Legit’. Abide by the legal processes applicable to children’s jewelry businesses in your country and get certified.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a must if you wish your jewelry business to etch a global presence. It is thus imperative to comprehensively study the laws and regulations surrounding Kids’ Jewelry in the respective countries you wish to reach out to.

For example, if you wish to reach out to target customers in the USA, your trinkets need to conform to ASTM F2923 specifications. As per ASTM F2923, any piece of jewelry that is intended for wearers under the age of 12 qualifies as children’s jewelry.

Be it earrings, chains, bracelets, tiaras, rings, anklets, or others, ASTM F2923 requires your products to clear 2 types of hazards…

  • Toxicity… which focuses on the presence of toxic metals like lead, cadmium, nickel, etc., and harmful soluble metals like arsenic, barium, chromium, selenium, mercury, antimony, and more. The presence of Phthalates is also heavily regulated under ASTM F2923.
  • Mechanical… which focuses on jewelry design that can be potentially hazardous to children depending upon their age groups. For example…
    • designs for jewelry to be worn around the neck like chains and necklaces should not result in choking
    • rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc. should not have any sharp edges that can cause physical harm to the wearers
    • trinkets for kids, in general, should not have loose parts that can cause choking hazards.

Similarly, the EU has very stringent regulations for Children’s jewelry as well, covering General product safety, hazardous metals/chemicals, legal certifications, Hallmarks, etc. for products to enter their market.

If you choose to use natural materials like wood, coral, shells, etc. in your collection, your products need to clear CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) to qualify for sale in European nations.

Rules, regulations, and restrictions differ from country to country. Therefore, your research has to be clear and your actions need to be faultless. Being a matter of grave importance for your business, it is best to seek professional assistance for the matter.

Pro Tip – Reach out to official bodies that can test your jewelry samples and determine conformity to regulations for sale in Asia, Europe, North America, and other continents.

  • Manufacturers Make All The Difference

Stable, reliable, and proactive wholesale kids’ jewelry manufacturers can be an asset to your endeavor. A well-chosen manufacturer can offer bulk production at a minimum time with maximum quality assurance and that too at very competitive pricing.

Take your time in choosing the right manufacturing partners because this is a critical decision that can grow or thwart your business. Here are a few parameters that can help you shortlist the right ones…

  • Reliable Market presence
  • Certifications for authenticity
  • Fairtrade / Fair wage / Environmental regulation compliance
  • Compliance with global Children’s jewelry regulations
  • Optimized manufacturing costs
  • Flexible shipping, returns, customization policies
  • Overall service quality

Did You Know… Carbon Neutrality is among the top challenges of the Jewelry Industry today. If your chosen manufacturer abides by carbon-neutral practices, you may get an edge in the competition.

  • The benefit to Customers

So… you have an attractive collection waiting to debut. But your customers will always look for something more than the sparkle! Summing up in two words… ‘purchase advantage’ is the catalyst that will convince purchase motivated parents to choose your brand over others.

Here are some of the key purchase benefits that customers expect…

  • Easy ordering process
  • Secure hassle-free payments
  • Global shipping
  • Authenticity certificates
  • Guarantees, Warranties, and assurances
  • Flexible minimum order value
  • Extensive customization options
  • Quick dispatch
  • Transparent real-time delivery tracking
  • Prompt customer service, both domestic and international
  • Gift vouchers, discount coupons, etc. for next purchase


  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind… Keep your Customers Engaged all Times

How you engage your customers to have a direct impact on your brand image and eventual sale. The idea is to never go out of sight and to highlight your brand in a way that attracts prospective buyers to respond to your endeavor regularly.

Look into these tried and tested tips for an effective start…

  • Create a professional presence in top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Let your products narrate a story
  • Pictures speak louder than words; your product pictures are best when they portray emotions
  • Upload engaging statuses, reels, and more every day
  • Ask questions and seek opinions
  • Go for organic Shoutouts

Did you know… As per statistics, 61% of customers have expressed that offers, discounts, and surprise gifts on purchases are great ways to keep them engaged indefinitely.

Therefore, never shy away from investing in contests and giveaways to maximize client engagement.

Final Thoughts

Experts have predicted that the children’s jewelry market will expand steadily in the forthcoming years. Safe and budget-sensitive purchases will be prioritized which will directly impact your Sterling silver jewelry brand profitably. All you need to do, in a nutshell, is to plan your business layout, define your goals, follow the regulations and leave no stones unturned when it comes to branding… and the rest will fall in place.

Always remember, things don’t happen overnight and it may take a few months for real profits to show. Till then, stay updated, keep creating and keep engaging to fortify your brand presence for the long run.


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